BLUE campaign           


Many small birds and mammals like hedgehogs like space which is undisturbed and peaceful. By leaving 'garden waste' (it's not waste at all, it's perfect wildlife habitat) against protected walls in your gardens, they find a safe refuge which is perfect for an over-winter hibernation. These piles slowly become a haven for beetles and insects. Put up a blue heart to remind your friends and neighbours that you really care for nature.

BLUE is encouraging water birds like moorhen, coot, water rail and duck to return and breed. It will help if residents can be careful not to let their dogs run wild through the river bank. There will be significant work being undertaken on the river through 2017 by Bristol Avon Rivers Trust to address the 'state' of the river, which was classified by Environment Agency at request by BLUE in October 2016 as being 'moderate'. BLUE with Bristol Avon Rivers Trust project will include planting of reeds, weeds and rushes.